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MidTown Madness!

Hello everyone! Time for some various tidbits, all focused on the MidTown area. I like the term Midtown to describe this area, and the businesses there seem to dig it as well, for they have formed their own business association with aforementioned name. They are official! It's good to see geo-networking.

So let's get to it;

1. EcoReno is relocating to a larger more pedestrian visible space! They have found a great new location at 1095 S. Virginia (at Vassar). It will be a great move for Eco Reno and they can’t wait! They are shooting for the first part of August.

2. The Hub - Stopped by and checked things out. Looks like they are settling in nicely. Stop by on Cheney across from Maytan Music and say wassup! You can hang your bike on the wall. Read their blog. They are rapidly achieving cult status within our neighborhood. They treat coffee like wine, announcing the arrivals of new coffee harvests on their blog, and offering Sunday 10 a.m. 'cuppings' which is like a wine tasting and education session, but with coffee.

3. Sierra Chocolate Factory - Maybe it's been open a while and I just haven't noticed, but I was in Ace Hardware on Virginia Street in midtown the other day, and noticed a Sierra Chocolate Factory open next to Chocolate Walrus. Am I a late bloomer to this business or did it just open? Anyway, they don't have a web site, their address is 1278 S Virginia St and they seem to specialize in wholesale candy and chocolates.

4. New Businesses - Two new businesses have opened up shop on Taylor Street between Virginia and Center Street. Pickled Tink Studio & Boutique, 39 E. Taylor St., is in a gorgeous 1926 cottage that sells clothing and fabric made by local artists and other items. Next door is a business called 41 Taylor, at 41 E. Taylor St., which opened a week ago in a 1,200-square-foot structure constructed in the late 1920's. It plans and puts on events, sells vintage items and also houses French Twist skin and hair salon.

5. Gui Denby building - I had the opportunity to stop by the new commercial building on Center Street, across the street from 8 On Center just around 'the bend', and I was quite impressed! Walking around the various sections of the building, I was impressed the entire office building was lit only by sunlight. There were lights, but they were all turned off when I took the pictures below.


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