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Grant's Landing property activity and changes

7/12/09 - So let's talk Grant's Landing property. As I mentioned numerous time before, it's safe to say the entire Grant's Landing concept as originally presented is scrapped.

An Alliance Commercial agent sent me an updated flyer for this property, and interestingly, part of the property is no longer available, and common sense says if the property is not available for sale like the rest, then something must be slated for it. See image below, basically whatever is in red is for sale, and the other piece is not, anymore. This is a recent change too, and the property has been rezoned to commercial. The commercial concept was re-enforced by a recent commenter who 'seemed' like an insider who said along the line of 'Wouldn't the owner of this property benefit more by changing the scope of the project from residential to commercial...something to support the baseball stadium?"

One thing I do know is hundreds of people stream by and through that property before and after every game. It's the primary access route for everyone living in the Wells Avenue and MidTown areas, and a LOT of us walk to the game. So, it would make sense for something commercial to go on the property because of the constant flood of people.

So what could it be?Could be anything from a more permanent parking lot geared toward baseball folks, to maybe a little restaurant or retail space of some kind. The portion of property not for sale is odd, as it faces Second Street, with only one-way access... So my guess is ultimately a parking lot, but who knows.

In the last City Council Meeting regarding STAR Bonds, Jessica Sferazza was very interested in extending the Freight House STAR Bond District south to include this piece of property.

Here's the flyer, and if anyone wants to snatch up the remaining L-shaped chunk of land, it seems like a really good deal!


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