Reno Wind Turbine Goes live

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 27, 2007

1/27/09 - DOWNTOWN'S FIRST WIND TURBINE GOES LIVE THURSDAY- A collaborative group of businesses will fire up the first urban wind turbine in downtown Reno on Thursday. The wind turbine will power a group of forward-thinking businesses that reside at 250 Bell Street, a recently renovated office that houses a thinktank of businesses including Cathexis, Bombard Renewable Energy, Proteros Development, Renewable Nevada, Sierra Club, Education Design Group, Bootleg Couriers, the Reno Bike Project, and Smartbrand. Reno Mayor Bob Cashell will activate the wind turbine on Thursday, January 29th at 2:30pm to officially begin sustainable energy production provided by the wind turbine. Several other local officials and dignitaries are also scheduled to attend. Click here for the official flyer.

1/29/09 - WIND TURBINE PICS, PLUS MONTAGE, BASEBALL STADIUM - Hi all so here are some pictures from the urban wind turbine switch-flipping ceremony. A lot of urbanites showed up, except there was no wind. Not a drop of it. This is Reno, how could there be no wind? Anyway, this thing will generate some serious energy when winds do kick in. Also, Montage took its fencing down, and a roar of construction machines attracted me over to the baseball stadium to take a few pics. Click here for all the pictures.

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