Today we got a look inside the Jesse Hotel and Bar, formerly the Lincoln Lounge.  Group West Construction is very much moving this project right along, General Manager Piper Stremmel guided the way.  As you see in the pictures, the spaces have largely been demo’d with new construction carving out the guest rooms on floors 2 and 3, the 2nd floor will consist of almost entirely new construction.  What could be saved from the historic building is being saved, brick walls have been exposed and original hardwood floors will be refurbished and restored throughout. 

There will be three guest rooms per floor not counting the 1st floor of course.  The main lobby entrance will be off the rear parking lot that will guide guests in via a canopy.  Once inside, guests will encounter a lounge area that will lead them into the main lobby lounge and bar/registration.  The existing windows will be removed and new storefront glass will be installed that will go from nearly floor to ceiling to allow the light to pour in. 

The 2nd floor was a sort of gallery space that is being filled in with three rooms, two narrow rooms and one smaller “suite” towards the rear, this floor will be completely new.  The bathrooms will have spacious showers, and even a window.  Guest room decor will include a small desk, large flat screen TVs and plush bedding/beds. Many windows in the rooms allow light to pour in and as you can notice, the views are quite attractive facing Downtown and East.

The 3rd floor once housed the living quarters of the previous tenants who used the space as an apartment, built out bathrooms will be refurbished on this floor.  They used very high quality materials that Stremmel said was definitely worth saving.  There will be a self service coffee/wine station on the guest room floors rounding out the truly unique “boutique inn” experience.  The heating and cooling system uses inverter wall units that can be controlled via remote, these are popular at inns and hotel’s throughout Europe and even in larger cities here in the US.  The building will have completely new electrical and plumbing throughout.

We moved from the hotel to the courtyard, which will house the common public space that we see bustling in the warmer months.  Stremmel will use much of the existing that was left from Lincoln Lounge and add to it.  The building that used to house Hub Coffee Roasting will become the taco shop and mezcal bar, this will come around late May.  The hotel is aiming for an April opening. 

We can’t wait!