Shopper's Square is planning a major remodel and face lift, and kicks things off by asking for a Special Use Permit to allow for a drive-thru in Midtown (which aren't usually allowed) for a drive-thru pharmacy option for CVS Pharmacy. The shopping center will also go through a rebranding and renaming. It appears the name might be 'The BOM' or, 'The Bottom of Midtown.' 

In looking at the plans, which you can find in this attached PDF, CVS Pharmacy looks like it may be moving west, and getting a drive-thru space. No word on timelines or when the remodel will start, but exciting stuff nonetheless! 

Shopper's Square is located in the Wells Avenue Business District, on the edge of Midtown. It's home to CVS Pharmacy, Smart & Final, Marshall's, My Favorite Muffin, and many more shops and stores. You can find a directory listing by clicking here