! was blown away this morning when I walked down Virginia Street to check things out, and it wasn't the wind. It was the sudden lack of overhead cobra-head lights and wiring, the lack of wooden utility poles blocking rhe sidewalk and the new presence of trees. It's completely opened up the street in a way I hadn't imagined. Its almost surreal. It doesn't look like the same neighborhood. 

And probably most touching was a resident in front of me in a motorized wheelchair cruising down the new wider sidewalks with the greatest of ease, without having to venture out into the street to dodge light poles and utility poles. 

Gone are the hodgepodge collection of wooden utility poles and cobra-head lighting, down the entire length of Virginia Street, replaced with sleek new lighting that really opens up the street. 

Gone are all the construction barricades separating the sidewalks from the street. Take a walk down the new Virginia Street when you get a chance, and you'll see for yorueself why I'm so excited. Check the photos out in the gallery below!