Newman's Deli

Newman's Deli

Straight up, this is a locals deli. A friend of mine who is now past away, John O'Sullivan, who also used to be my landlord before I bought a house, came here daily. DAILY. There was rarely a day where he didn't miss lunch at Newman's. He had a routine, and Newman's was part of it.

Newman's Deli is also a lot of other people's routine, because if you attempt to come here during lunch hours, be prepared to feel VERY urban and rushed through. This is the kind of deli where you might want to look at the menu posted on their front window before coming in, because people behind you will get very impatient if you sit and ponder at the menu for thirty minutes. Or even 30 seconds for that matter. That's another reason why this is a locals place....people know what they want when they come in...they have their favorites and stick to it.

I go to Newman's weekly. The sandwiches are classic, and the pastrami is some of the best I have tasted in town.

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Posted by: yum - 4/13/2009 10:58:50 AM
yum yum give me some

Posted by: Kelly - 3/21/2010 3:33:10 PM
This place has yummy salads.

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