Big changes are coming to the 1000-block of Haskell Street, evident by a major property-sell off and demo permits. 

Demo permits have been filed for 1070 Haskell and 1072 Haskell., and 1046 and 1050 Haskell.  

These structures were supposed to be demo'd a while back, in fact I think this is the second set of permits issued for these properties to demolish them. From what I hear, an attempt was made to renovate the property, but the property was so run-down it was unsuccessful. 

More interesting, however, is the fact that one entity, Haskell Row LLC, seemingly now owns most of the block, including: 

1046 Haskell

1050 Haskell

1060 Haskell

1028 Haskell

1070 Haskell

1072 Haskell

No word on plans yet, but you can bet that there ARE plans. Companies/developers do not normally amass adjoining/connecting properties without having a larger master plan for it. Whether the plan comes to fruition, time will tell.