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Mid Town Nights Art Walk Details

The Mid Town Nights art Walk is July 29th, today! Experience an evening of free entertainment and artshows.    Artists from the local community will showcase their art along with music and refreshments.  Come to look, or come to buy.  Meet the businesses, and see unique art.  The event is free to the public. 

Some free refreshments will be available at the artshows.  Dining available at Rose's sandwiches, Stephon's Mobile Bistro, Michael's Deli, Sushi Pier, The Hub coffee, and Sup restaurant.

Parking/Transportation:  Dirt lot parking at the corner of Thoma and Center will be available for a suggested donation of $1 or more (all proceeds go to the Midtown Arts Project)(Donate at Junkee Clothing Exchange).  The artwalk is located just one block from the line 1 Rapid Connect Bus, running every 15 minutes.

This is a not miss event. Below are particiopating merchants.

1 Ammendment 21 425 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Catie Matis - Brett Moten

2 El Salvador Restaurant 517 Forest St.
Artists: Canyon Webb

3 Aspen Leaf Interiors 649 Forest St.
Artists: Molly Brown - Marcio Decker

4 Tim Yardic Glass Art 660 Tahoe St.
Artists: Tim Yardic

5 Cyber Infusion Café 33 St. Lawerence Ave.
Artists: Own Artists

6 PolyEsther's Boutique 655 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Ann O'Lear

7 Never Ender/ Holland Project 26 Cheney St.
Artists: Ron Rash - DJ Joey

8 The Hub Coffee Co. 32 Cheney St.
Artists: Nicholette Codding

9 Maytan Music Center 777 S. Center St.

10 The Isles Irish Tea Shop 809 S. Center St.
Artists: Emily Hoops - The Bodines (music) - Others
11 Gui Denby Inc. 855 S. Center St.

12 41 Taylor Event Lounge
Artists: Jane Kenoyer - Micheal Smith - Shari Havelka

13 Pickled Tink 39 Taylor St.
41 Taylor St.

14 Out of Bounds Board Shop 805 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Joe Corgile

15 Junkee Clothing Exchange 960 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Franz Szony

16 Dragonflies Café 148 Vassar St.
Artists: Adrienne Parker
Artists: Nigil Siri - Matt Lahtinen - Dane Meier
Ying Muncy - Chelsea Plourde (dancer)
Artists: Bea Whitney - Michael Eadington
Deborah Buttler - Megan Stauton (music)

17 Art Dogs and Grace 218 Vassar St.
Artists: Various Artists

18 Encore Boutique 267 Vassar St.
Artists: Rachael Armstrong

19 Ace Hardware 1215 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Tony Sedillo - Chelsea Galloway

20 Nevada Fine Arts 1301 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Antonio Mindeguia - Patti

21 Micano Home & Garden 1350 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Calvin Sprague - Leah Madison

22 Stremmel Gallery 1400 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Various Artists

23 Rainshadow Charter School 121 Vesta St.
Artists: Student and Faculty

24 Plato's Closet 1509 S. Virginia St
Artists: John Hapjakes - Bert "Lifesize"

25 Sushi Pier 2 1507 S. Virginia St.

26 Zephyr Books Inc. 1501 S. Virginia St.
Artists: Jordan Cervalli - Christopher Blum
Hao Jie Zheng - Milton Merles
Artists: Larry Neel - Tumbleweed Tex (music)
Coffee Tasting with Woodfire Roasting Co.



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