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Silver Legacy Renovates Rooms

A massive $15 million dollar renovation project at Silver Legacy Resort Casino is under way.

As part of a commitment to reinvest in the overall property, Silver Legacy began this project on July 5, the final phase of a number of renovations.  This phase includes a complete overhaul of 1,549 guest rooms and 143 spa suites.  Once complete, these rooms will feature a new look, enhancing each room with features like rich modern furniture and sleek plush carpeting, fine linen bedding with triple sheeting and damask throws, new 32” and 37” LCD televisions and ergonomically designed desks. Check out some photos below!



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Posted by: Matt - 7/27/2010 3:45:37 PM
This is a HUGE improvement not just for the Silver Legacy but the entire downtown and city. This should've happened a long time ago because their rooms were really getting tired, read some old reviews on tripadvisor, people were not happy. I must say I am impressed with the new rooms and they will take them far so good job Silver Legacy but I must ask, what other renovation projects have they done because I sure haven't noticed anything new there

Posted by: Nick - 7/27/2010 3:50:30 PM
This is a delayed project - all the original marketing (including a large advertisement for it in the lobby) stated that the rooms were coming Summer 2010,now it's Fall 2010

Posted by: Vanessa - 7/27/2010 6:25:15 PM
I think the rooms look nice. Any improvements the downtown casinos make help.

Posted by: Tom - 7/27/2010 10:20:25 PM
I'd like to see some actual photos of the new rooms, these are rendered computer graphic images.

Posted by: Carol - 8/10/2010 3:11:05 PM
These are pictures of the true rooms and how they look. The project is underway and will be completed mid-December. They are beautful.