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Various Tidbits - New Businesses Gear Up to Open

- Fuego, soon-to-be-located at 170 South Virginia Street is applying for an alcohol and cabaret license at the special July 26th Council Meeting. Both Fuego and Fairly Ground Coffee and Tea should be opening soon, joining La Famiglia at the State Street Project.

- Also applying for an alcohol license is Slice of the Peak at 300 East Second Street across from ballpark! Nice! Usually when a business applies for this license they are pretty close to opening...at least within a few weeks of opening. It looks like they renewed their lease for the downtown parking gallery as well.

- Spread Peace Cafe is open! Their grand opening is July 31st. They have a wicked salad bar. Stop by and say hi, check out the decor! They are located on the river inside the Palladio next to Ole' Bridge Pub.

- 71 South Wells Avenue looks like it might finally have a permanent name/concept after a temporary stint as 'The Broken Spoke'. The name? Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor. Ha ha. They are applying for a cabaret license at Monday's meeting.

- Wrightway Market, a proposed 'grocery' store going in at 330 Evans Avenue between Lincoln Lounge and the Reno Aces Ballpark, is on deck again to apply for a packaged liquor license. In the last meeting, City Council proposed a voluntary limit be places on the amount of retail floor space selling alcohol would take up. I'm still not convinced this will be a 'grocery store' as described by the legal representative for Wrightway Market, but there's not much legally the council can do about the market. IN defense of Wrightway Market, they've invested about $150,000 in construction thus far. I just hope it doesn't end up LOOKING like a liquor store, with a bunch of posters for beer and cigarettes plastered all over the storefront.


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Posted by: David - 7/24/2010 2:35:46 AM
Just tried the Spread Peace Cafe the other night, and I love it! It has great outdoor seating, and wonderful food. I will definitely be a regular there. We need more restaurants like that on our riverfront.

Posted by: Mark D - 7/26/2010 2:07:06 PM
I also tried the salad bar at Spread Peace and enjoyed it. It isn't the biggest I've seen but its contents were fresh, and it also includes a baked potato bar and choice of 3 homemade soups. The decor is attractive and inviting, staff was friendly, and while many of their menu items are vegetarian/vegan, there are a few chicken-based choices also available. Lunch items were reasonably priced, ranging from $8-10. This cafe can become a major player in the downtown dining scene! On

Posted by: Mark D - 7/26/2010 2:10:36 PM
Also opening by the end of July is "The Hop/Kaleidoscoops" ice cream and corn dog shop in the former Cold Stone location, between Taco Del Mar and Divine Ultra Lounge.

Posted by: Blake Crosby - 7/27/2010 3:43:18 PM
Spread Peace Cafe is excellent with great staff, and every meal purchased there another meal is donated to the homeless. I'm also glad Wrightway Market is opening too, because not everyone can afford to buy alcohol at a bar, and many people who live in weeklies buy alcohol and drink them in their rooms. Is there anything wrong with that your highnesses? Maybe we should be more concerned with fast food downtown or tobacco causing lung cancer or gaming causing people to lose their savings or porn or how about coffee which leads to cutting down the rain forest or Chinese products that help the government keep political dissidents in jail and whats the carbon footprint of that baseball stadium with all those lights and parking garages which encourage driving vehicles instead of transit. Oh but let's pick on a small enterpreneur instead because they're too small to brainwash us with mass media and political lobbyists.